Comparison Chart between Ocular and Volk lenses

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Volk in UK Price (£) Ocular Equivalent Price (£)
Indirect (BIO) lenses Indirect (BIO) lenses
20D 199.00 Maxfield 20D 190.00
28D 199.00 Maxfield 28D 190.00
Volk Slit lamp lenses Ocular Slit lamp lenses
90D 225.00 Maxfield Std 90D 210.00
Superfield 299.00 Osher Maxfield 78D 250.00
Digital widefield 325.00 Maxfield 84D 250.00
Volk Contact Slit lamp OcularContact Slit lamp
Quadraspheric 595.00 Mainster PRP 165 480.00
Capsulotomy 399.00 Abraham Capsulotomy 340.00
Volk Mirrored Lenses Ocular Mirrored Lenses
No equivalent N/A OMV2G 380.00
SLT lens 429.00 Latina SLT lens 350.00
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